About Me

Nate’s Woodshop is a small, retired veteran owned and operated business.  I am passionate about designing and creating detailed wood products.  I have been perfecting my skills for over 10 years.  Each piece that I create is built with care and great attention to every detail.  Please contact me to discuss your custom ideas or needs.  I provide proofs for you to review for accuracy prior to beginning most projects.

What I offer

  • Custom Design Services
  • Laser Engraving
  • Photo Engraving
  • Custom Shadow Boxes
  • Custom pens (including engraving)
  • Military Challenge Coin Displays 


How I Got Started

My dream job is to design and create personalized wood based art and decor. Being able to take a customer’s idea and transform it into reality is amazing! I am passionate about adding small details and designing custom pieces for customers. 

My ‘woodshop’ started several years ago, kind of on accident. My son was in Cub Scouts and needed to build a pinewood derby car. I found a used scroll saw on Craigslist and went to work building his car. After successfully building a pinewood derby car, I started looking into other projects I could make using the scroll saw. I brought a few projects to my office and immediately had coworkers asking if I would make something for them. I began selling a few key chains and cellphone stands and making gifts for family and friends. The Hummingbird clock that is in my shop is one of my early projects that I made for my mother for Mother’s Day.

My hobby slowly expanded into simple shadow boxes for retirements and fuel trucks (I am in the Fuels career field in the US Air Force). The fuel trucks that I make are one of my signature products. The first several trucks that I made were relatively simple due to the limited tools that I had available. The models that I make today are the most accurate wooden fuel trucks that are available. I have expanded my product line to a wide array of items. Many of my products are military themed due to my 20+ year active duty career.

The process always starts with the imagination. For any custom items, I work closely with you to bring your idea into reality. This usually involves an initial design with two or more adjustments. After the initial design is completed, I provide a digital proof to you for review. From there, we communicate about any changes that you need. After you have approved the design, I begin the building process. During this process, I provide you with photos of your project during different stages of the build. After the build process is complete, the item is prepared for shipment.
I look forward to working with you to create the your wood art. 


Nates Woodshop is dedicated to providing high quality custom wood creations and engraving that meet or exceed the customers expectations.